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We realized a need for something more -an EXPERIENCE. At The Author's Pen, we focus on supporting authors through book consulting, content development, and personalized book marketing strategies. We’ve created an experience that includes partnership and education with a goal of serving you holistically throughout the publishing process. We take pride in supporting both the writer and the written work. We believe excellence begins with how we support you!​​

Book Consulting

An author with a story that needs developing. Get clarity about what it is you’d like to say, who you’d like to say it to, and how you’d like to deliver your message. We’ll also help you develop an outline that encourages writing. Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Let's Get Started.

Book Publishing

An author who wants more than the norm and can appreciate our warm, hand-held approach to book publishing. It’s someone who would benefit from coaching, regular updates on editing, and clear, timely communication throughout the process. Does that sound like you?

Book Marketing

Marketing, for some, is the scariest aspect of publishing. Have you thought, “will people love it?”, “how will people discover my book?”, “how much should I invest in marketing?” If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, Book Marketing Support is perfect for you.

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Lindsy Bivens

Consultant & Publishing Professional

The Author’s Pen was founded by Lindsy Bivens in 2016 in response to a need for personalized book publishing support. She understood the twists and turns many authors find themselves navigating with unclear vision, the overwhelm of too many options, lack of strategy, poor quality of content, little or no guidance. The Author's Pen is a clear solution providing hands-on clarity sessions, winning strategies, and partnership throughout the entire process.

Have a Powerful Message?

Give Power To Your Pen

We take a people-first approach to book publishing through consulting, content development, book production, and personalized book marketing strategies. Ready to publish your powerful story? Let us support you!

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5 Star Reviews

From Satisfied & Empowered Writers

Stories of Success

Just A Few Words From Satisfied Clients
  • “My WHOLE experience from beginning to end with the Author's Pen, and more specifically the owner, Lindsy Bivens, was absolutely wonderful. Lindsy demonstrates such expertise in her field and is more than equipped to help shape and structure your ideas for your book. She also is patient and very much the encourager. Because the Author's Pen is actively involved and engaged with you as an individual, what you start, you WILL finish. You will become the published author you always hoped to become.”
    Tierashia Adair, Founder of A Message of Love & T. Adair Enterprises
  • “Ms. Lindsy Bivens from The Author’s Pen is amazing!! This company does more than just publishing. Ms. Lindsy not only builds relationships with her clients, but she does a phenomenal job coaching you to help develop content for your book if you haven’t completed it prior to working with her. She made the entire process smooth! All the fears I had before working with Ms. Lindsy were nonexistent from day 1. I recommend this publishing company to anyone wanting to publish their book! You will not be disappointed!!”
    Vera Cleveland, Principal
  • “I worked with The Author's Pen and Lindsy Bivens on my first book, her expertise and knowledge of the process was unmatched. She and her team were able to take my thoughts and ideas to make my story come to life. Her skillset and passion for publishing and presenting great work has earned her a 5 Star Rating, and I will continue to refer anyone that inquires about publishing, writing, or editing to Lindsy Bivens “
    Andrew J. Landry, Founder of Where Men Hurt
Lenka Spruill, Published Author
“Lindsy and the team at The Author's Pen were so diligent and patient with my project. I appreciated the weekly updates and emails from the editors. Their professionalism and quick turnaround time made working with them a great experience.”
Trevor Carter, Child Care Advocate
“It was truly a blessing to work with Mrs. Lindsy Bivens from day one on a project that was dear to me. She took to it to the next level and made it a masterpiece! God bless her!”
Jessie & KeAndra Upson, Organic Love Ministries
“The Author's Pen has truly been a blessing to my husband and me. With the help of this amazing company, we were able to birth our book this year!”
Elisha Boyd, Co-pastor of Emmanuel Christian Church and Founder of Resilient Living Life Coaching
“I have had the personal privilege to work with Mrs. Lindsy Bivens and all I can say is excellence! She is extremely professional and helpful even when you the new author may feel like it's not going to happen. Lindsy has a way of assuring you that you can do it that makes you keep pushing forward.”
Dr. Toscha Dickerson, CEO Dickerson Management & Stress Coach
“I have enjoyed working with Lindsy as my writing coach. She is truly a visionary. She was able to capture my ideas and bring them to life.”
Pastor LaDell Wilson, Next Level Christian Church
“If you want top notch service this is it!! Way more then just a publisher. Coach, motivator, prayer warrior and more! If you want your book done right partner with Author's Pen.”

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