Book Marketing

Marketing, for some, is the scariest aspect of publishing. Do you grapple with thoughts like, “will it sell?”, “will people love it?”, “where do I begin?”, “should I brand myself?”, “how will people discover my book?”, “who are my ideal readers?”, “do I need a publicist?”, “how much should I invest in marketing?” or “what strategies are right for my book?” If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, Book Marketing Support if perfect for you. My team and I will craft a Personalized Marketing Strategy for your book. Let us help you increase your visibility, get in front of your ideal readers and SELL more books. 

Other Services

For self-motivated authors, we have something for you, too! We offer a range of services to support the self-publisher at heart. They are: copyright submission, editing, book formatting, press release, coaching, and marketing packages. Again, our goal is to support you and your project. If that means we handle one aspect of your project, we're here to help.

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